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Terms and Conditions

By completing our booking form you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions set out below.


A deposit of 70% is payable for bareboat charters, learn to sail, cabin charter, day sailing and flotilla yachts. Once the deposit has been paid, you have secured your yacht.


If you need to cancel your yachting holiday for whatever reason, please contact asap. The cancellation will be effective from the date received by us via email or phone and the following cancellation charges will apply:

If the charterer is unable to set off the charter, he/she submits so immediately in writing. The following cancellation fees apply: –  30% of the cost of the charter price, if cancelled up to 150 days before the start of the charter –  50% of the cost of the charter price, if cancelled up to 100 days before the start of the charter –  70% of the charter price, if cancelled up to 60 days before the start of the charter –  100% of the cost of the charter price, if cancelled from 59 days before the start of the charter.

If an alternative charter with the same conditions can be found, the charterer will get back his/her payments less the incidental handling costs at the amount of 20 % of the charter price. The charterer is strongly advised to conclude travel cancellation insurance. If required we will send an offer of a corresponding insurance.


If Covid-19 restricts you from travelling and fulfilling your confirmed yachting holiday with us, excluding Bareboat. No deposits or final payment will be lost. Deposits and Final payment of your holiday will be transferred to a future date (no more than 2 years) confirmed by Activity Holidays Greece and client upon availability. Bareboats will be dealt with on an individual basis due to other owners/companies' yachts being involved with their own t's & c's. Activity Holidays Greece is not responsible for Bareboat refunds or changes.

Damage waiver 

The yacht damage waiver you pay on-site (Please see note j below), is for any damage of the yacht or aboard the yacht.
​The yacht must be returned in a clean condition with everything stowed as found. There is a ‘Daily Checklist and Cleaning Instruction’ sheet found on board. Failure to do so will result in an additional on-site cleaning charge of approximately €150.

SUP - STAND UP PADDLE BOARD - A SUP damage waiver of €200 is taken on the day the rental begins. This deposit will be returned at the end of the rental period as long as the SUP is not damaged or lost.  Failure to return the SUP in undamaged condition will result in loss of this deposit.

Damages caused from client/customer to yacht parts aboard a Learn to Sail/Skippered Charter or Cabin Charter - Client/clients who causes such damage/damages while on a trip is required to pay or replace object before departure of their trip.


Returning customer discount: Any offer of discount only applies to the sailing element.

Offers of discount do not apply to bareboat rental unless told so directly.
To qualify for returning guest discount, you must have sailed with us on our Learn to Sail programme from 2019 onwards (this excludes bareboats).
A maximum of 10% being the total discount given.  No discounts will be given on an already discounted price.

Slogan searching: 20% discount awarded to the winner.  Applies only to the sailing element of a Cabin Charter holiday.  Does not include flights or transfers. Cannot be added to any other offer.  No more than 20% discount is offered to the final booking price and cannot be combined with other discounts.

Management reserves the right not to pick any of the suggestions should they deem them to be not appropriate.

Additional clauses

a. To minimise delays to departure of yachts in Greece, we will complete and sign the ‘Greek Charter Party Agreement’ on the charterer’s behalf (copy available on request) together with ‘Declaration of Charterer’s Ability to Skipper a Yacht’ now required by the Port Police. Should you book a Cabin Charter holiday. One client will be nominated for the Greek charter party agreement.  We cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information provided either directly or through an agent and the charterer’s signature (either as Skipper or on behalf of the Skipper) on our booking form (or electronic acceptance) confirms acceptance and agreement with this procedure.

b. Please complete the medical section of the booking form honestly; any illness or disability does not necessarily preclude someone from taking part.

c. The issuing of certificates is solely at the discretion of the instructor and reflects the student’s ability. In all situations and cases the decision of the Professional Skipper is final. The certificates are recognised in the Mediterranean, non-tidal waters only and are not issued by the RYA or other governing bodies.

d. A sailing week consists of six sailing days. In the eventuality of loss of sailing due to staff or mechanical problems proven to be our responsibility, which exceeds six hours between 0900 hrs and 1900 hrs we will refund one sixth of the weekly yacht charter price paid for each day lost or offer equivalent compensation. This is purely based on the charter price of the yacht and does not include any element for flights, accommodation etc. A substitute yacht, if offered, must be accepted.

e. We reserve the right to either prevent a charterer from taking a yacht out to sea by themselves or to put one of our Skippers aboard at the charterer’s expense if the charterer’s experience of Skippering a yacht is not deemed satisfactory by our professional skipper or not as stated on the booking form.

f. Our yachts are registered for commercial use in the country within which they operate and all on-board safety equipment has to conform to that country’s requirements.

g. We reserve the right to change the yacht booked or reserved, as yacht sizes cannot be guaranteed due to unforeseen circumstances.  In very exceptional circumstances, if no alternative is available, we would refund any monies paid.  Activity Holidays Greece is not responsible for any costs the customer has incurred outside of any monies paid directly to Activity Holidays Greece.

h. All bareboats must be refilled with fuel at the end of the charter at the charterers expense, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

i. We must ask that you return the yacht to its base before sunset the day before the end of the charter, ready to leave the yacht no later than 0900 hours on your last day due to a very tight turnaround time.

j. A refundable security deposit based on the yacht chosen is returned as long as there is no damage to the yacht. Should there be damage, the cost of repairs will be taken from the deposit. The deposit can be taken on a credit card or paid as cash on site.
Any disputes will result in no security deposits being returned until resolution.

k. When hiring a skipper on bareboat rental, skippers meals must be covered by the customer.  A 25% charge will be made if the skipper is cancelled in less than 4 weeks before departure.

l. All descriptions and information given in our printed and electronic literature form part of our terms and conditions.

m. Terms and conditions maybe updated at any time as necessary.

n. Photos taken by staff/skippers/holiday makers and are shared among Activity Holidays Greece social pages and newsletters unless told otherwise prior or at the start date of the holiday booking in writing. Bluefin Sups are our only third party company who will request consent forms to be signed before photos are used and shared.

o. Bareboat skippers must hold an ICC or RYA Day Skipper minimum to take a yacht legally and this must be with them on the yacht at all times. If the skipper does not have this, Activity Holidays Greece have the right to put on their own professional skipper at the daily amount of 175 euro per day which is to be paid by the charter booking of the yacht.

p. To the best of our knowledge you had the best service/equipment/yacht that we could provide at the time of booking.

q. Should an Activity Holidays Greece skipper become ill/sick or injured after your arrival date (during your holiday), Activity Holidays shall do their best to replace with another freelance skipper at Activities expense. 

r. If Activity Holidays Greece Skippers fail to start your holiday start date due to illness or injury, the sailing element of the clients holiday is fully refunded (excluding flights and transfers).

s. Day Charter - A non refundable 50% Deposit to be paid upon booking. Should weather not allow charter to proceed this can be amended to another date due to availability of skipper and yacht. If neither possible, deposit will be non refundable to the client. 

s. Skippered Charter - Should a client/crew member damage something aboard the rented yacht i.e a hatch, the client(s) to pay the full amount to replace or repair such damage caused.

Photo competition terms and conditions

  • All entries must be via Facebook.

  • By entering the competition you grant Activity Holidays Greece permission to use any submissions for marketing purposes.

  • The lucky winner will be contacted through Facebook at the end of the season.

  • The winner will be chosen by Ben (he is the owner after all) and his decision is final.

  • Holiday dates are subject to availability so you will need to book early to avoid disappointment.

  • Last photo submission date will be November 30th 2023.

  • The 50% off will be valid until October 1st 2024 and relates to our Cabin or Skippered Charter holidays.

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