LEARN TO SAIL / Improvers

Have you sailed before? Learn to Sail with us.

Our Learn to Sail courses are designed as an introduction to sailing for beginners and more advanced tuition for experienced sailors who want to learn as much as they can from our Skippers/Instructors. Suitable for singles, couples and groups, we will match you with others of similar experience so you can learn at the same speed, we also ensure groups and families enjoy the fun of learning together – Possibly go home with a Yacht Skipper or Yacht Crew certificate.

Learn to SailWe have been welcoming guests that want to learn to sail for many years and many return to brush up their skills with an Instructor or to sail a Bareboat within our mini flotilla, because they value the added support, relaxed and friendly atmosphere of our holidays.

We believe that the best way to Learn to Sail is not in the stuffy classroom, but living on a yacht gaining practical experience on a daily basis, in the sunshine and fresh air.

We are aware that many new to sailing can be nervous and although we respect your privacy we are with you for the duration of your holiday. We believe staying aboard the yacht day and night gives you the added security and confidence to aid your progress. Other companies may leave you at night, we do not want to risk there being any problems that may affect the enjoyment of your holiday experience.

While learning to sail, you will visit a different harbour every afternoon and stay over night.  We give you plenty of time on the water to learn and try out your skills while mixing learning to sail with sightseeing and relaxation.

Our Learn to Sail beginners will have every opportunity to quickly learn the basics and more experienced sailors can practice leading a crew, as well as refining their techniques, under the guidance of our experienced skippers.

Have you sailed in other flotillas before? Our skippers will be able to further improve your skills so you feel more comfortable handling a yacht yourself in different conditions and situations.

We can provide an introduction to non-tidal certification from Yacht Crew to Yacht Skipper level, this is not an RYA qualification but a certificate that is recognised around the Mediterranean.