Course Syllabus for Non Tidal

Course SyllabusNon Tidal Yacht Crew and Yacht Skipper course syllabus

To help you understand what is involved within our course syllabus, we have given a brief description of the syllabus covered within your Logbook to attain a Yacht Crew award. This is can be covered throughout your holiday at a leisurely pace. After all you are on holiday!

Understands location and use of Life Jackets, harnesses, fire extinguishers, life rings. Again covered at your at your own pace.

The location and use of distress flares, fog horn, torch, life-raft (when fitted) and VHF

Able to use all on-board equipment and instruments such as heads, pressurised & manual water pumps, cooker and gas, radio, echo sounder, log, inflating/deflating dinghy, cabin lights, battery selector switch, bilge pumps, engine controls etc.

Basic rope work (a selection of knots that are required are listed within the handbook).

Sailing terminology.

Sail handling – how they work.

Dinghy – you will be able to row in a triangular course and understand weight distribution.

Basic rules of the sea – understanding what to do in various collision situations. General lights, and lights displayed by a vessel under sail or motor. Channel markers and all other safety markers.

Boat handling under motor (Part 1). Propeller affect in forward and reverse. Boats momentum. Steering a compass course. Man overboard. Tight 360 degree turn.

Boat handling under sail (Part 1). Instructed and able to tack, gybe and sail a triangular course. Crash tack method for man overboard.

Each section will be covered in full by your Instructor and signed off once completed. If all ten sections are satisfactorily completed, your logbook will be signed off by the Instructor and you will be issued with a Non-Tidal Yacht Crew Silver Seal for all ages 12 plus. For our younger sailors aged 9 plus, they will receive a star for completing sections 1, 2 and 4.

We also progress to a Yacht Skipper certificate with the following course syllabus:

Able to use VHF Radio for normal ship to ship and ship to shore operation and all correct procedure for sending/receiving/relaying a Mayday.

Boat handling under motor (Part 2). Bow/stern-to mooring, mooring alongside, anchoring, picking up a mooring buoy.

Boat handling under sail (Part 2). Picking up a mooring buoy, anchoring.

Able to perform engine and general checks, oil levels, fan belt tension. Greasing gland (if fitted), warning lights and alarms, skin fittings and sea cocks.

Basic Navigation / Orientation. Compass use, course steered and an objects bearing from the yacht (Lat./ Long.). How to get a fix using a hand held compass, how to plot it. How to lay off a course to steer to a destination. Using the log to work out eta. Awareness of leeway, tidal set and height of tide. Where to obtain weather forecast info. Explanation on the use of the barometer. Understands variation and deviation.

If all of the above 15 sections are covered and signed off by your Instructor, you will be issued with a Non Tidal Yacht Skipper Gold Seal award.

Our courses syllabus prepares our customers to progress to tidal level if they wish. We will teach you the foundations that will enable you to go on to greater things if you chose.

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