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Travel to Greece – Most of our guests make their way to Preveza airport (PVK) located about 40 minutes from our base in Nidri.

Please dont worry about getting to us at a particular time, we only ask you arrive on the Sunday – someone will be there to meet you, we just need to know what time you are arriving.

Other ways to get to us bearing in mind our sailing holidays begin and end on Sundays – Make sure you book early to make the most of the best prices.

Travelling to Greece

UK to Preveza flights are available for Wednesday, Friday & Sunday departures, from a number of carriers. The first direct flight into Preveza for 2019 is Sunday 31st March and the last returning flight is Sunday 27th October.

Flights are available from Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester and Bristol from the UK to Preveza.

Flights arriving around lunchtime giving you plenty of time to settle in.

Airport Airline Day Outbound Flight Number Depart UK Arrive PVK Inbound Flight Number Depart PVK Arrive UK Starts Finishes
Gatwick EasyJet Sunday EZY8369 07:45 13:00 EZY8370 13:50 15:15 31/03/19 27/10/19
EasyJet Sunday EZY8371 15:55 21:15 EZY8372 22:00 23:25 21/07/19 01/09/19
Thomas Cook Sunday MT1620 09:10 14:20 MT1621 15:20 16:35 05/05/19 27/10/19
TUI Sunday TOM4782 16:30 21:45 TOM4783 22:45 00:10 05/05/19 20/10/19
EasyJet Wed EZY8369 06:05 11:25 EZY8370 12:15 13:40 03/04/19 23/10/19
TUI Wed TOM9548 13:45 19:00 TOM9549 20:00 21:20 22/05/19 25/09/19
EasyJet Friday EZY8369 06:05 11:25 EZY8370 12:15 13:40 28/06/19 04/10/19
Heathrow British Airways Sunday BA674 11:25 16:50 BA681 17:45 19:10 26/05/19 29/09/19
British Airways Wed BA674 09:45 15:15 BA681 16:15 17:50 29/05/19 25/09/19
Manchester Thomas Cook Sunday MT1256 14:00 19:35 MT1257 20:35 22:10 05/05/19 27/10/19
EasyJet Sunday EZY1993 16:25 21:55 EZY1994 22:35 00:15 05/05/19 27/10/19
TUI Sunday TOM2758 13:25 19:00 TOM2759 20:00 21:35 05/05/19 06/10/19
EasyJet Wed EZY1993 15:50 21:20 EZY1994 22:00 23:40 01/05/19 23/10/19
Thomas Cook Saturday MT1074 05:50 11:25 MT1075 12:25 14:10 18/05/19 05/10/19
Bristol Thomas Cook Sunday MT1836 13:35 18:45 MT1837 19:45 21:00 05/05/19 06/10/19

You could always fly to Kefalonia and get the ferry to Nidri (on Lefkada) where we are based.

We suggest taking a look at’, ‘Skyscanner’ and as well as other operators, to find your own competitively priced flights. Please remember you will need to get to our yachts for Sunday.

Alternative routes

There are Easyjet flights from Gatwick and Luton to Corfu on Sunday mornings.  Once in Corfu you take the taxi to the ferry port which is about a 10 minute ride and approx €10.  Ferry to Igoumenitsa, which is on mainland Greece and is roughly one and a half hours, approx €10.  You then taxi to our base in Nidri or Lefkas if you are taking a bareboat, which is about one and a half hours journey and we can arrange the taxi at €185 for a party of up to 4. Also please ask for details for larger parties.

Ryanair fly to Corfu on Saturdays from Stansted with return flights on Mondays, enabling a couple of nights in Corfu Town for example and the convenience to catch our Sunday transfer from Igoumenitsa.

Many budget airlines are now flying into Athens and Corfu from UK, Irish and European Regional Airports allowing weekend and midweek travel, arriving in time to join our Sunday sailing programmes. Use this to extend your sailing holiday to include a few days of sunbathing or sightseeing in cosmopolitan and historic Athens or the shabby chic of Corfu Town. Transfers using local buses and ferries are straightforward, reasonably priced and will give you a flavour of the country you are travelling in.


*New Hydrofoil link

Ferry travel between islands is becoming even more easier and faster.  From May 1st 2018, you can travel more regularly to islands around the Ionian including Corfu.  Take a look at this link to help plan you holiday –

Please complete our Contact page with your requirements and we will be happy to reply with prices and availability.

Travel Insurance

We consider adequate Travel Insurance vital prior to any trip when you Travel to Greece, and therefore make this a condition of carriage.  You will need to arrange your own cover and we will need to know the Insurers name, your policy number and a 24 hour emergency telephone number upon making your booking with us.

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